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smokingmedium's Journal

Billy Dean Howard
8 November
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Name: Billy Dean Howard
LJ: smokingmedium
Fandom: American Horror Story
Played by: Sarah Paulson
Canon Break: There's not enough canon on Billy Dean to break any.
Type: medium - human with psychic abilities to speak to and for the dead.
Billy Dean is a friend of Constance's. She is first seen in Episode #6 of American Horror Story. She smokes. She has beautiful nails, and her agent is in talks about a TV show on Lifetime being created about her. She tells Violet about the ghosts in her house, and she helps Constance say good bye to Addie.

Hopefully we'll learn more about her, but IMDB doesn't even list Sarah in the show's credits so I can't even find out how many episodes she'll be in.

Mun and Muse are over 21.